Tiger’s swing looked great yesterday.

I am not self righteous or arrogant enough to think that Tiger got the info directly or even indirectly from me, but I have to say that someone who knows what they are doing…probably Tiger himself, got him to straighten things out that have been off all year.

I admit I only saw three swings yesterday, but here is what I saw on all three swings. His head dropped very little on the downswing (just an inch or two and not the 6 or more that he had most of the year)…his head pulled off the ball very little just before impact…most importantly he was releasing the club on time so his club wasn’t underneath the plane just before impact allowing him to square the club with his turn and not his arms and hands.

Actually, most bad things happen in a golf swing for a reason. It’s really easy to dive your head at the ball when you are releasing it too late. When you release it slowly from the top, it is easier to maintain your spine angle.

This is how I see the best player of all time dominating a field when he is making putts and under control.

The swing I saw today can win 2 or more majors next year. This is not the swing I saw all year that I predicted would win no majors. Look out for him in 2010 if he keeps this up.



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  1. TonyK

    I saw the same thing… I know there might be a bit of confirmation bias involved, but it really isn’t difficult to see that he wasn’t dipping his head as much on his downswing.

    Sometimes it’s scary to see how good Tiger is capable of being….and at the same time, it was refreshing to see the Tiger of old…dominating the field the way he did back in 2000 when he was winning majors by double digits.


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