This was fun for me to read.

This is from a blog reader and student. LINK

I have given him a couple of lessons on his swing and a couple of chipping and pitching lessons.

EDITED: I wanted to add this after seeing the first two comments. I am not being modest when I say most of the credit goes to the student. It is the instructor’s job to be clear, simple and provide a direction, but the student does most of the work.
Hi, Monte!
Your online golf lessons are paying off! I’ve been a 20 to 22 handicapper for a while, so I’m very thrilled to shoot a 77 this afternoon (38/39), my best score ever, and quite a bit better than my previous best of 84 that I shot a few weeks ago. Everything seemed to come together. Even my usually lousy chipping was pretty good. I’m sure I’m not doing everything exactly the way you’d like, but even the little improvement I’ve had is making a noticeable difference. I nailed a drive today that went 240 yards slightly uphill with little roll due to the soggy fairways from the heavy rain yesterday, and for me, that is a very long drive; I measured it with my laser rangefinder to be sure. I hit 77% of the fairways, 44% of the GIR, 94% of the GIR+1 (bogie golf) and had 32 putts with only one 3 putt and this is on bumpy, slow greens that were punched just two weeks ago. I’m sure I won’t break 80 again for a while, but this 77 gives me hope that maybe I can play this often frustrating game. J

Best wishes in Q-school! I don’t see why you wouldn’t do well…




  1. Bob

    That is fun for all of us to read! Kudos to the student and the teacher.

  2. Bob34

    Great stuff for both the instructor and the student!

  3. mship99

    Amen! This is what it is all about! Fun! The game is fun again to this student. Way to go student and teacher!


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