This is what I am talking about with Tiger.

I really hate this “dive and snatch” move he has going…ad nauseam for the 15th time.

He practices so hard, is so talented, so tough mentally and focuses so well, he could swing like Charles Barkley and still win his fair share.

I am writing this after he hit his great sand shot on 12. He bogeyed 11 by missing it in the wrong place off the tee…and he just doesn’t do that on Sunday with the lead. He then chunk pulls a wedge on 12…again, he never does that on Sunday with the lead.

With Mahan in the clubhouse tied with him, I am saying Tiger’s dive and snatch is going to give him trouble under pressure here the last 6 holes.

I believe he will still win because he is Tiger, but it will be with one or two miraculous shots and Tiger’s patented short game recoveries that win it for him…not this awful spine wrenching move he has right now.




  1. ChrisNH

    What exactly do you mean by “dive and snatch”? Do you mean his power move where he drops his hips on the downswing?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      No. I mean where his head drops(dive), changing his spine angle greatly, and then he has to grab the club with his hands/arms and pull it on line(snatch).


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