This is what happens when you keep you head down.

Yet anther swing that looks terrible, but has some things to work with.

Either being left handed he is trying to copy Mike Weir with those balk moves and/or he has more swing thoughts than he can handle…which if it is more than one it’s too many and it’s probably at least 4 or 5.

One of them is probably “keep your head down,” because his head drops about 18 inches during his down swing and that swing is going to top a lot of shots…which will make people tell him to keep his head down and makes it worse because you can see he pulls his arms in and loses his balance because he dives so much.

Let’s move on to what I would tell him.

1. He actually makes a shoulder turn, which is a good place to start from.

2. His setup is terrible and I might not be able to give him a swing thought yet until he gets his setup fixed. He needs to bend over more at the waist and bend his knees more. This will give him more room to let his arms hang down more comfortably. He needs to turn his left foot in and that will help his balance. His left shoulder is below his right at address, so that is good.

3. I think I would give him a week or so of hitting balls with the change in setup before I gave him a swing thought…the first swing thought I would give him was not to straighten out of his setup during his back swing. There are several ways to verbalize this and everyone is different. For some it’s keep the head still, for others it’s keeping your butt sticking out during the back swing…and still for others it’s to try and bend more to counter act the straightening up. Don’t know if I like the last one so much, because you can over do that, but whatever works.

I think after he stops both straightening going back and trying to keep his head down to avoid the top, he will stop diving. Shortening his arm swing would be my next target. I think by then, he wouldn’t be diving at the ball any more.

The fact that this guys has so many issues and still makes a shoulder turn bodes well for future improvement.

I think I like doing this. Especially finding swings that look terrible, but have something to work with…and swings that look perfect, but have many subtle issues that make them worse than they appear. What I am trying to get at is the goal is not a pretty swing, the goal is to hit the ball.




  1. Carrera

    Would be interesting to see a “good” looking swing where the guy flips it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Funny you say that. I have been looking for one of those.

    • hackgolfer

      I concur..or better should show what he does..and what he should be doing i.e. video you doing the good and the bad swing?

      PS. You should be getting paid for this? 😉

  2. peter mies

    Hi Monte:
    Do you find that your chips will bounce right because of the release?

    Also, are most of you guys releasing from the top? While watching the President’s Cup, it was difficult to tell.

    Love your analysis…how about an analysis of Jamie Sadowlski?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      They shouldn’t bounce right.

      All straight hitters release it from the top. I have released it late for 25 years and it made me inconsistent. It’s what makes Tiger inconsistent sometimes…if you go back and read the post about Tiger yelling “release it” during the Barclays, that is what he was referring to.

      To be clear, you want the upper body, lower body and release all happening in sync. If you delay the release, that won’t happen.

      Analyzing a long drive swing would not be very beneficial for golfers getting better. You do strange and bad things to create extraordinary power that no one but the top long drivers can do physically…and none of those things are conducive to good golf.

      • peter mies

        thanks Monte…you certainly have the ability to see through the crap…I actually meant the chips jumping left, not right…

        and I totally agree with your comment about not analyzing swings like JS as you guys can do things that we just cannot do….

        eliminate the bad…perfect!!!!!


  3. Monte Scheinblum

    Oh, chips bouncing a little left. Yes, that definitley can be an issue while you are learning the timing of the release and linking it up with the rest of your body.

    As I said, it’s a very simple concept. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 20 foot chip, or a full swing on a drive…the object it to link the lower body turn, shoudler turn and release all together.

    • peter mies

      played today and really experienced what you say about the advantage of an early release and timing the release with the upper and lower body….particularly with the chipping…

      is there a preshot swing you use to rehearse the full swing?

      what do you think about McClean’s 8 step positions? I was using them today as a rehersal but at the end of the round realized that the 8 positions did not include an early or even a late release…


      • Monte Scheinblum

        Any swing system that contains more than a “1” in it, is bad, IMO. So I would say 8 is well above that number. 🙂

        Go watch my video on the “sweet spot” again and you will see one position is all you need to worry about. When something has 8 steps in it and release isn’t included, that tells me it is 8 steps too many.

  4. peter mies

    how do you feel about moving the ball a little back in order to get better compression?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Bad idea and it’s a myth. You want proper ball position, a turn and a release. Trust me, from my own experience, moving the ball back too far is a disaster.

  5. peter mies

    thanks….i can’t tell you what it’s like for a golfer who has studied, read, taken untold lessons but never from an actual pro…so many teachers, so many books, so many clinics…but such contradiction, myth and just plain nonsense….

    to hear from a person who has actually been there….is terrific..

    thank you


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