The next time you can play golf two days in a row…

…do this test for me. It’s going to take some discipline.

Day 1-play your normal game, putt everything out, take no mulligans and take all applicable penalties.

Day 2 on the same golf course.

1. Hit whatever club off the tee that you know you can hit in play for sure, regardless of how far it goes…even if you can’t hit a par 4 in two.

2. If you feel you can hit the green without too much risk, go ahead. Otherwise make the safest layup, even if it is far back.

3. On you approach shots from outside of 100 yards, try and hit the ball in the dead center of the green, regardless of where the pin is.

4. When pitching or chipping, just try and hit a solid shot in a 20 foot circle around the pin.

5. Read and line up all putts…then don’t try and make any of them…even the short ones…just try and hit them solid and the right speed.

If your handicap is over 10, my prediction is you are going to shoot lower on day two…some of you significantly lower.

If you are under a 10, you are going to find out something valuable about your game. A strength or a weakness you were unaware of.

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  1. Ken in VA

    This really worked well for me. I did not play two rounds, but took your advice on my single round today. I shot an 80, including a near hole in one. Aimimg for the center of the green on my approach shots helped, as did the thought of just chipping solidly to within 20 feet of the hole, but what i was most impressed with is the putting – i putted far better by lining the put up, but focusing only on striking the ball solidly. I either lipped out or sank everything within 15 feet. And my short putts were firm and dead center. Thanks!!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Awesome Ken. You proved my point. Well done. Hopefully others will have similar success.


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