The difference between an opinion and an educated opinion.

Not just in golf, but in all of life there are opinions and educated opinions.

I have discounted some of the opinions of the gurus as uneducated opinions, but having stated opinions as facts…because there is no one right way to swing a club.

I don’t discount lag as a good thing, I discount the idea that it is the sole purpose of a golf swing…and so on.

The point of today’s post is to watch out for uneducated opinions or opinions stated as facts.

I was giving a lesson to a friend the other day and he was hitting it great. His friend, who didn’t know me, comes up and says, “I have never seen you hit it this well.”

He then turns to me and says, “what are you telling him to make him hit it so well?”

I told him that my boy was snatching it steep with his hands, causing his turn to stall. He needed a little more control in the turn.

For your own edification, this had the affect that his shoulders started to turn more level to his spine and the club released better. More speed as well.

The friend of my friend responded. “Absolutely not. The hands are what are connected to the club and that’s what should control it. The reverse analogy would be like doing sit ups by using your hands to pull your head up.”

…as I watched him whip it massively inside with his hands and chuck his right hand at it.

Be careful who you listen to. There are plenty of knowledgeable people who would disagree with a lot of my ideas, but still have valid ideas of their own…but the vast majority of info and opinions out there are uneducated.




  1. S.

    You write, “I don’t discount lag as a good thing”

    Here’s a link to a video of Mike Austin explaining why holding the lag is ‘golf’s biggest lie,’ and demonstrating why that is so. -Austin, don’t hold the lag

    Hopefully, he doesn’t leave the impression that each of these actions have to be micro-managed.

  2. Wally

    Just an opinion, With a driver the clubhead reaches its’ Terminal Velosity eighteen inches past the ball on a good tee shot. As hackers we do too many things that do not allow our clubhead to reach its true terminal velosity. That explains why most times I hit the driver 201, 220yds, but every now and then, my chubby 66 year old body gets it out there at 280, 290 300+ and that ruins the day, because I keep looking for that swing, and don’t just let it happen. I love this game.
    Thanks Monte

  3. Christian

    This actually reminds me of something completely unrelated. I worked at a winery for a few years here in Upstate New York. A winemaker told me a story about a woman who tasted one of his wines at an out-of-state wine tasting event. She commented that it was a really good wine and asked more about it. He started to describe it and mentioned it was a New York wine. She stopped him, said “I don’t like New York wines” and walked away. Sounds a lot like your friend’s friend with his ideas about the golf swing. Somewhere in there is a lesson about strong opinions preventing people from learning and experiencing new things.


  4. Wally

    She doesn’t know much about wines


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