The rant about Tiger and Dubai is tomorrow… 😀

The AT&T always brings up a big issue for me. “Grinding fer score.” (That was not a typo). It is a plague on golf how slow people play because they are grinding so hard on swing check lists, “scratch” pre-shot routines and finding yardages down the the millimeter.

The pros have complained about slow play during this event and the Hope because the ams are just taking too much time to get the ball in the air.

Guess why the ams play so slow you noodniks? Because they watch you! Hearing Jim Furyk make a comments about the pace of play during the pro-ams is laughable. It’s like Jenna Jameson commenting on how slutty Lindsey Lohan is.

On to the golf.

How do you beat holing out on 14 at Pebble for eagle, with Bill Murray as your partner and winning it all? D.A…color me green with envy.

Bill Murray has a really good swing, it’s a better swing than Tiger Woods’. Rush Limbaugh also has a better swing than Tiger Woods. Charles Barkley has the same swing as Tiger Woods. Thanks Hank.

I have always liked Steve Marino. His swing is rhythmical and comfortable for him…and he is an excellent putter. What more do you need? I guess not tripling 18…ouch.

Kudos to Peter Kostis. I have rained a lot of well deserved criticism on him for his swing analysis. Maybe he has been reading my blog (kidding), because this week, I thought his analysis of Steve Marino was great. All he did was show how and why his swing worked, and commented on how there are a lot of ways to do it.


Phil, please get a shirt that fits…and ones that fit your wife don’t count.




  1. Calvin D

    Talking about good swings:

  2. Calvin D

    Talking about good swings: He moves too, Monte.

    • s.

      And, it’s not a bad move. There’s a lot of rotation with that swing, and the inside of Alvaro’s right foot is anchoring that turning, so that he doesn’t fall backward.

      Subconsciously moving closer to that “stopper” makes it easier to rotate back, and it gives him something to turn away from.

      The Krank website does a good job of explaining that a pro-type swing doesn’t push-off the right foot. (But that site’s swing advice also has two Death Moves, for me.)

      • Calvin D

        “Pushing off the right foot”. That always puzzled me and a lot of gurus endorse it. It seems counter-intuitive to me. I’ve tried it a few times and can’t find anything about it that is redeeming.

      • S.

        If some is good, then more is better.

        Quiros from a different angle.


      • banchiline

        Hey Monte I asked you about AQ on the message board a while back & you said you were gonna have some comments at a later date.
        I was referring to the “look” he has of unwinding as he’s staying back(best way I know to describe it). It just happens to be the very same video Calvin D posted.

        Are we still on for your remarks? Just wondering , No hurry .

  3. s.

    “Rush Limbaugh also has a better swing than Tiger Woods.” ????

    Monte, you just went a bridge too far.

    Your Krank website touts Tiger’s swing as absolute perfection. Maybe so, if you want a blown-out knee, but you gotta admit that Tiger does a lot of things right.

    Rush? He ALWAYS finishes off-balance = major flaw. Thanks to that TV show on GC, we know more about Haney’s wife than we know about Rush’s swing. How far does he hit it? How straight? How often does it work? His touch around the greens looks awful.

    Rush is a ringer, and the show is about resurrecting Haney’s image after her failed miserably twice, and looked bad doing it. Light-year’s improvement? I’m not seeing any at all.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Obviously the Rush comment was hyperbole and I just joined Krank and have no control over what’s on the website. 😀

  4. banner12

    BTW, was I the only one who noticed Marino clearly grounded his club in the fairway bunker on 18 on Sunday? Surprised no one called in.

    As for Tiger, one of the commentators said during the telecast, “Isn’t it odd that someone with 14 Majors is still working on the process of a swing change?”

    I would have added, “And at 35 years old too…”

  5. Wally

    The best thing for Mr. Woods to do would be is:1 fire everyone on TEAM TIGER: 2 have as many sexual realationships as your lubido can handle (there’s no such as sexual addiction and ALL 12 STEP programs are crap). Rember Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin, Whitey Ford, they would go out and drink all night and play BETTER BALL THAN MOST OF THE LEAGUE. Tiger needs to go out and have some fun,3 DETOX from all this 12 step “I WANT TO BE A BETTER PERSON” NONSENSE AND ENJOY


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