Lamentations on Downswing

The arms cannot be completely passive or work down during the downswing.

Those feels may temporarily fix a beginner or a massively over the top slicer, but it’s the equivalent of telling a golfer who aims too far right to just feel like he’s aiming too far left.

To over-simplify, the OTT slicer has his hands and arms working out and away from the target and the correct move is out and toward the target.

Diagonally down the chest in a 2D face on video.

Depth in the backswing=horizontal distance from the ball in a 2D down the line video.

Backswing also contributes. Not enough depth with the hands (butt of the club), vertical shaft and/or OTT is hard to avoid. Early depth (whipping it inside, low and slow) and late lift, vertical shaft and OTT is hard to avoid.

Late depth, arms and hands out and forward to start the downswing.




  1. Jules Coleman

    this is such an obvious thing to do but almost never taught as part of transition. i learned this move as a kid from Claude Harmon, but later in life became victimized by hips starting downswing and arms falling via gravity or getting a free ride or what have you. it killed me. the only two teachers of note I have heard a version of this obviously correct move from are Monte and Mike Bender though the latter has you focusing on hands and aiming them at the ball which can work but which you don’t want to take too literally since your hands don’t go to the ball at all in a good swing.

    • john kowalczik

      Tried this after watching Monte’s deep and out video. Only sw and all within 10 yds and no misses. I had the feeling or could see my hands going over the ball. Only 25 balls and i lost that thought/feel and cannot duplicate. But i’m still going out on DS and has helped tremendously.

  2. Michael C.

    I’ve read this 4 times. I hope it doesn’t apply to my swing because it doesn’t jive with my feels. I know not everything applies but….hmmm. I trust your knowledge of the swing.

    • john kowalczik

      Diagonally down the chest on the DS. That’s the out move. Your hands have to move out to the ball or you will get steep and the club stuck behind you. Your arms need to be faster than your body because if you fire those hips the club is going to drop and get steep and left behind. One drill that got me going was the no turn and cast drill. Also shortening your BS will help which is part of his drill. Check where your hands are at the top of your BS and compare to the PGA Pros. Do you belong to Golf GWX? One thread about how long should your BS be was very interesting. He thought he wasn’t taking it back beyond parallel with the ground and was striping it. Fast arms and hands slow body but they must be in synch or as Monte says they must match.

  3. Kevin

    Monte- This idea and the idea of the arms moving diagonally forward from face on has always made perfect sense to me conceptually, but I’ve struggled to implement it into my swing. Is there a general spot to aim the arms/hands that would help me accomplish this move? Or another way of saying this that might connect with me better?
    When I try to lead w right elbow or get the left arm off the chest my arms and hands still seem to be working too much down and not enough forward.

    Thanks in advance

  4. steve

    just hit the ball


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