“Swing Easy” is nonsense

Another oldie but goodie that more people need to hear. Another cliche that is spouted across the world that is meaningless and masks the real problem. “Keep your head down,” as most of you know, is my favorite cliche to hate. “Swing easy,” is right up there.

I hear that phrase often both as a self dialogue and as a tip from a friend.

All it is is a cop out for not having good balance and/or rhythm.

I agree that if you swing hard and your balance is bad, you will hit the ball all over creation. However, no amount of swinging easy is going to make up for bad balance, regardless of the perceived improvement.

I will illustrate how swinging easy looks like it helps. If you are aiming at the middle of the fairway and hit a ball 30 yards off line and 250 yards…that ball is in the trees or a canyon. If you swing easy with the same poor balance and hit the ball 30 yards off line and 220 yards, you are in play.

This seems like it helps, but why mask the real problem. It’s like banging your head against the wall to make you forget about how much your broken toe hurts. Why not just relax and take some Advil.

Plus, swinging harder on balance creates more idiot force and idiot force helps you get better arm extension, which helps you square the club better.

As long as you have good balance and let the club set at the top by having good rhythm in the transition, you can swing as hard as you want.




  1. Calvin D

    The greatest players have been able to hit all their clubs incremental distances with control from from driver to wedge and from all-out to easy swings. There certainly is nothing wrong with swinging easy if the shot calls for it. Balance is the true fundamental.

  2. Mike Pedersen

    This is something I’ve debated with myself and with other golfers. I think a combination of relaxed muscles, and maybe a tad slower tempo or speed will help hit more solid shots. My naturally “hard” swings don’t ever seem to give me solid contact.

  3. Keith Z.

    Swing with balance and rhythm is the key thought for me, but balance first. When I am not hitting it too well and my playing partners start dispensing their top notch advice (just swing easy), I know my balance is off, lol. You would think that nearly falling over would be the first clue.

  4. hank

    totally agree with you. The reason the tour pros look like they swing easy is because they are gifted, talented athletes and have perfect balance. There is no doubt, they are swinging very fast. You can’t get that type of clubhead speed by swinging easy.

  5. Bob34

    Not to make something simple seem hard but I wonder how many people really understand balance. True balance is when opposing muscles (agonist and antagonist) are working together. You can make a swing and seem to finish in balance but during the course of the swing your body is having to fight or compensate to keep you from falling over. This takes energy away from the swinging of the club. That’s why pro swings look so effortless, their muscles are all working together instead of against each other. I don’t mean to sound like I know it all IRT this but I’ve been there, thought I had a balanced swing because I finished without falling over 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You kind of made my point for me Bob. People will make all sorts of stupid swing changes and not pay attention to balance.

  6. S.

    I’m going to be Devil’s Advocate.

    Maybe “swing easy” means swing-in-sync.

    Turning is good, but you don’t want your arms out-racing your turn. Maybe it’s best to have a hub & spoke idea, with the spoke (arms) not out-racing the hub. Other folks might say, “keep your hands in front of your chest” trying to get the same idea across.

    Hence, swing easy–meaning don’t over-stress the role of the arms. Keep up with the turn, but don’t overdo it.

  7. Bob34

    Being the anti devils advocate 🙂

    Sounds to me like ‘S’ has fallen into the same trap I was in… Trying to decipher what an instructor really means when they’re telling you something. Why would swing easy mean anything other than swing easy. If someone is using thier arms too much to be in synch with thier body should’nt an instructor just say that 😉

  8. Michael

    Swinging as hard as you can in balance is better than taking it slowly. 400 yard par 4, would I rather have a 180 yard shot or a 150 and in shot but off the fairway? No thanks, I like the shorter club almost always


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