Something you never hear about that is key in the swing.

This was big when I was learning and no one talks about it much anymore because they are too busy with complicated swing theories.

The first 1-2 feet of the back swing are the most important part of the swing…after setup and alignment which technically aren’t part of the swing.

In the first two feet of the swing, you want the butt end of the club to be pointed at your zipper, until your hands get past your right hip (left hip for left handed golfers).

(The 9 o’clock in next step is from a face on view of the golfer)

After the hands past the right hip, the butt end will transition to pointing at the golf ball when your left arm points at 9 on a clock.

All you have to do from here is rotate your body and not grab the club with your hands.

You don’t want to try and be too perfect on this and micromanage it. It is just a guide to see if you are using your arms and hands too much in the beginning of the takeaway.

If your arm swing or hands take over too much early in the takeaway, it is difficult to go up this path.




  1. hackgolfer

    wow..this is spot on! I’m living this now since this is exactly what my teacher is working on with me to stop me from rolling over my wrists at the start of the takeaway (causing me all sorts of problems later in the swing).

  2. Tony Kim

    Wow, good post. I was talking to someone at the driving range (DeBell G.C.) the other day who was having trouble positioning the club properly on his backswing. He had a decent swing, but his swing plane was all out of whack. I tried to give him a few pointers and then told him about this website and how helpful it can be. I hope he took my advice and Googled your name Monte as I think this pointer would be perfect for him.

  3. Gary Pan

    This is perfect! I’ve been noticing my initial takeaway goes way outside of my target line (actually hit the bucket sitting next to the mat at the range), I didn’t had a clue how to fix it but I think this will be great for me.

  4. geoff duncan

    At what point do you start the hip turn? After the hands clear the hip or from the beginning of the swing?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am not a believer in restricting hip turn, so from the beginning. As long as you shoulders rotate 90 degrees to your spine, the hips will not over rotate. If you turn correctly, the hips will turn the right amount and restricting their turn only gets you in trouble.

  5. ric

    I know I am late to the party, only finding this blog on 11/13/09 but that is an awsome post!


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