Some thoughts that will help all of you just by reading them

First off, I thought of a really good drill today on how to avoid losing the tush line/hip lunge. There is another name for it that is quite crude, but amusing. Many of you know this. I will make a video and post it next week.

I also thought of a good video showing how amateurs have their shoulder turn backwards. You will also have to tune in next week to find this out.

On to today’s subject. Every day I am more and more convinced there is no right way to swing a golf club. It is not about doing anything the correct way, only avoiding the terrible things stopping you from hitting it solid. Most golf swings on the PGA Tour would be classified as terrible and in need of immediate rebuilding according to modern golf instruction.

Bubba, JB, Jim, Dustin, Ricky, Ricky, etc. All awful golf swings according to modern ideas. Lee, Jack, Gary and Arnie were even worse.

The point (and I am also taking this advice) is to find a swing that works for you. What I mean by work is a swing that allows your body to move freely and the club is not stuck: behind you, under the plane, too narrow, etc. All of those terms are meaningless to most golfers and should be. “Free” is the only meaningful term.

I am going to continue to throw out drills, ideas and concepts in order for each and every one of you to find one or two things that will “free” you up…or even better, come to my website and get hands on ideas 😀

Here are some thoughts I had today.

I am classifying my swing into three categories. The first is my old swing. Natural, thoughtless and a bit loose and undisciplined. The second is my middle swing. Contrived, perfect looking at full speed and awful in both feel and results. The third is my new swing. An attempt to find my old swing cleaned up just a bit for more consistency. Few thoughts, natural, free and consistent.

I have a good grasp on what my new swing is supposed to “feel” like and when I do it right, I look both aesthetically and in results as a PGA Tour player should.

Right now I am stuck in between my new swing and the bad habits of my middle swing. I have to consciously try and make the new swing as the middle swing is still what my body wants to do naturally as that has several hundred thousand (probably into the millions as it has been almost 14 years of stupidity) reps and the new swing only has a few thousand.

While fighting this battle, I am even more convinced of a few things. Setup, balance and rhythm/tempo are universal for those that want to play better golf.

Aside from those, the most important mechanical issue is releasing the club out in front of you properly. Doing that can cure so many things that are not necessary to fix in order to play well. These “things” are too numerous to list, but pick up any book or DVD made after 1995 and you will find most of them 😀 .

I don’t know if this feel will be true for everyone, but I would bet it is true for over 50% of you. Probably closer to 75%. If you release the club properly out in front of your body that is turning in sync…you will feel like you are pushing the club.

If the club is behind you, you are releasing too late, you are casting, hanging back, getting in front of it, or doing anything else that is terrible and getting in your way…it will feel like you are pulling the club.

If you are trying to hold the lag or increase lag, that will feel like you are in a tug of war with the club and losing. I call it the grab and snatch. That will mess up your rhythm and tempo worse than anything.

That training device I have seen that forces you too pull in order to reduce the wrist angle???? The guy who invented that should be forced to spend all eternity watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Nights in Rodanthe.

The best training aids for golf should have no affect on your physical movement. They should all train you visually and or change your perception. Kind of like, “Plane and Release Feel,” which so many of you have had success with. Putting down a dowel rod just outside the ball to visually show you what straight back is, is another.

The one I came up with to solve tush line issues is another such drill.

The Impact Bag, The Medicus, weighted clubs and David Leadbetter DVD’s will be in a museum 200 years from now right next to The Rack, The Iron Maiden and a DVD of a man being drawn and quartered. Patrons will not be able to differentiate. The Leadbetter DVD will send little girls crying into the embrace of the mothers, while little boys will want plastic replicas of The Medicus to smite each other with on the playground. Impact Bags will be sold at antique stores as converted cat litter boxes for the wealthy and tasteless.




  1. Bob34

    Looking forward to the hip lunge drill. Mine is getting better as my backswing gets better, I don’t stand-up going back any more. I started setting up with my weight more evenly distributed instead of on my heels and I allow my hips to rotate sooner. My previous instructor was really big on not allowing your hips to turn until late in the backswing & that was really hosing me up. This blog continues to help me to make things more simple. Even though I’m violating the cardinal rule of working on more than one thing at once, they’re very simple and easy to perform things and it’s not soo much that I’m working on them, it’s more that I’m just conscious of when I don’t do 1 of 4 or 5 things correctly that are left over from my previous swing/instruction. Besides setup, my swing is pretty much rotate everything from the hips up together or in synch with my arms going more up as well as down the target line instead of so inside and then roate everything together coming back down with the feeling of releasing my right elbow. I know that sounds like a lot of stuff but it’s all coming together and becoming more automagic everyday.


  2. David

    I’m clueless. What’s the “Plane and Release Feel” drill?

    • Gunnar

      You may check it on Youtube:

      • David

        Thanks Gunnar!

  3. Calvin D

    Add the “inside approach” to the dustbin. Ike Handy: “Probably the simplest shot and the easiest club with which an inside out swing may be accomplished is the putt and the putter. If you try it you won’t like it. And when you do, remember that the fundamental stroke of a putt and any other shot is exactly the same.”


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