Simple setup adjustment #2

Just like yesterday, nothing is perfect and correct for everyone, but I have found a very consistent issue among a wide skill range of golfers.

Shoulder vs. hip foot alignment.

Again, there are exceptions, but generally those who have shoulders that are open to their hips and/or foot line run into trouble.

This can cause such a laundry list of problems, I won’t even list them, but those who are interested will know what many of them are.

As in yesterday’s post, we can use the lesser of two evils idea. IMO, shoulders that are slightly closed to below the waist will cause less problems overall.

Choosing between the lesser of two evils is often your best course of action because in reality, it is hard to do things perfectly…especially when you practice once a week for an hour…or less. Maybe some politicians could learn a lesson here. 😀




  1. Steve Bishop

    Good post Monte.

    Just as an addition, most people who have “open” shoulder relative to their hips are not setting any axis tilt. If you simply lean your upper body back a touch you get your shoulders square.

  2. retired guy

    Good post monte. I see this shoulder open setup all the time and it nevers leads to good shotmaking. I have never heard a teaching pro address it though during the many lessons I have overheard.

    On a related subject, I read one tip on Golf Digest that seems to have merit. The pro suggested using a slightly open setup for irons and FWs with a slightly outside in swing. For driver, the reverse, a slightly closed stance. Apparently, launch monitor testing showed these variations produce the best shots. The idea is that you get better contact on the irons. It seemed to work for me. With driver, because the ball is teed up, you want more of an inside out swing to get a positive angle of attack.

    I realize this contradicts a lot of teaching, but so what. Give it a try.


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