Setup is so simple

I’d say the biggest problem that golfers have is setting up to the golf ball in a manner that will allow them to make a free swing.

It’s so simple. Do this in front of the mirror.

1. Stand up straight with your head high, shoulders back with a driver your left hand (lefties remember all of the rights and lefts are opposite for you)) and your feet about shoulder width apart.

2. Bend at the waist and knees the same amount at the same time until your arms hang straight out of your shoulders and you are balanced over your feet.

3. Grab the club with your right hand and notice that it grips the club lower, so allow you right shoulder to be lower than your left shoulder…and bump your left hip forward an inch or two to balance out your right shoulder being a bit lower.

You now have perfect address posture. Watch the video if anything is unclear.





  1. austin

    By doing the bump, is the weight more forward or evenly distributed? Is it the same setup for irons and wedges<

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The bump is very small and just enough to balance things out to be evenly distributed.

      The shorter the club, the father back the ball will be. The weight distribution and tilt will be dictated by that and length of club to end up being very similar.

      If you have a little more weight on the right side with driver and the longer clubs, that’s OK…and if you have a little more weight on your left side with wedges…that’s OK too. IMO, unless you are hitting a knockdown/punch shot, you weight should be in the 45/55-55/45 range.

  2. austin

    How is the above setup compare to the STACK and TILT?

  3. Kirk

    Hey Monte — Your advice about the release has helped tremendously (even with my season being over here, I’ve be working on it at the range, and am exited about ingraining the ideas next season), but what REALLY has made a marked improvement in my driving practice in just the past week was your set up video.

    I just didn’t have enough shoulder tilt. Man, with the proper shoulder tilt, everything (from the club set up behind the ball to the actual swing) falls into place. Even though my recent focus on my shoulder tilt feels a bit contrived and awkward, it allows me to not think about my back swing — it just puts me in a position to rotate my shoulders around, and then swing away aggressively.

    I’m not new to golf. I just don’t think of some of these things sometimes (usually because I get bogged down thinking about other things). Really, without changing anything else in my driver swing, the results from setting up with more shoulder tilt have been pretty astounding.

    So, thanks again for your helpful videos and web entries.


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