Golf swings don’t make great players. My comments about all of these swings have nothing to do with any of these players’ ability to be among the best in the world. They are my views on how I think these players could become even better than they are already.

Moe Norman Tomorrow

First off, the guy analyzing this video doesn’t know what he is saying. Sergio does not attack it from the inside, he comes right down the line. His hands do seem to change routes as he downloads it, but the club never leaves the plane because he somehow releases the club down the line. There is a reason there has never been another great player with this move. It is difficult to do and time properly. The amazing thing is he does all of this without narrowing his arc much on the way down.

Two things about Sergio’s swing. First, he does a wonderful job of squaring it right now and there is no need to change anything he does. However, he needs to monitor himself. The day he cannot release the club on time and gets underneath with that late handset and download, he needs to change his swing immediately. It will be obvious from his shot patter when he needs to do this, but as of now, he just needs to learn to putt better and he will win a lot.

The second thing is anyone who tries to copy or teach this swing is an imbecile. Sergio is a singular talent and what he does with his late hand set and down load has ruined a lot of good golfers and caused a lot of mid handicappers to quit. It is very difficult to set the hands that late and release it that late without getting underneath and/or without narrowing the arc of the hands (getting the hands closer to the body on the down swing than they were on the back swing). He narrows slightly, but not enough to make an issue of it and it is amazing he doesn’t get stuck more often. I don’t know what I would say to him if I was working with him until I was able to study his ball flight when he was struggling.





  1. peter

    Right on Monte…..people must be delusional to believe that their 50% talent can equate to 99.9% talent. I think one of the reasons you are becoming more and more popular is because you reveal how your golf swing will improve as long as you remain loyal to the fundamentals. It is so funny how every ‘New” golf book starts off with something like “why is it that with all the advanced swing understandings and technological developments, handicaps have not lowered. They then go on to present their swing theory as the answer..only adding another reason why handicaps will remain the same. Do they misunderstand or are they just delusional?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thank you. It is no surprise that handicaps haven’t gone down with all of the new age theories. I would actually think they have gone up. They probably haven’t because the people who got really screwed up have quit.

  2. Nigel

    I honestly believe Sergio is one of the top 2 most talented golfers in the world. While his putting is often criticised, I suspect the biggest problem he has on the greens is the 4″ between his ears. I sincerely hope he goes on from here to win multiple majors.

    Sergio`s ball striking is incredible and how the hell he times that swing over and over again is testament to his insane talent level. Just as I wouldn`t mess with Furyk`s swing, I wouldn`t want to touch Sergio`s, either. Well, maybe if he started getting back to the ball underneath the plane, as you say. His swing does seem to rely a great deal on being both very strong and very flexible. As he loses the flexibility he may encounter problems delivering the club back consistently using this swing, especially if he starts to have a few injuries. I`d worry about back injuries from the video below, as well as left wrist injuries. And Yes, anyone who teaches or copies any part of this is, shall we say, misguided.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        It never ceases to amaze me how much of a buffoon Peter Kostas is and it has nothing to do with his swing analysis. I am by no means a grammarian, but if he uses consecutive adverbs one more time, I am going to kill somebody.

  3. Ringer

    Sergio CLEARLY is making a cut swing in the video. That guy really has no idea wtf he is talking about and it really sickens me as golf instructor to hear other guys in my profession utter such nonsense. I don’t know how the analysis this guy did was in any way helpful to anyone’s understanding of Sergio’s swing, or how they might be able to gleam from it.

    IMO, Sergio has a domino effect of errors that occasionally get wild when he forgets to check his grip. He’s the number 1 guy most likely to hit a duck hook off the tee. Reason is simple… he’s almost always outside to in on his path. If he gets a hand even just a little too strong it’s duck hook material. If he puts the ball too far forward in his stance, duck hook city.

    Ball back, and neutral grip are his only ways of coping with the flat plane and laid off club. He could get away with a stronger grip if he wanted too and in fact it might give him more consistency, but he would have to learn a whole new release which is not too hard of a person with his kinesthetic learning abilities.

    If he were to approach me for lessons I’d give him things to experiment with. Grips to try, ball positions, and finish positions. It’s a pretty standard lesson for my better players but with Sergio it would go esspecially a long way.

    Everyone wants to point to his putting as his main issue, but frankly I think he just doesn’t get it close enough to the pin with his irons to make all that many putts.

  4. Dream Stryker


    I agree that amateurs should copy a simple swing. What I disagree with is the notion of timing. All swings have timing. Sergio, Hogan, and others that float load and late set the club accomplish it with the grip. The grip they prescribe at fundamental is NOT the grip they use. You cannot see the fingers of the left hand because they are covered up. There is no conscious timing required to square the clubface to the ball….it happens on its own because of the non traditional pressure points. One cannot strike the ball as well as these guys for years at a high level by conscious clubface squaring. When sergio is not playing well…its because his grip is sloppy. And for the previous poster…..Sergio miss is RIGHT…a push fade.


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