Releasing with the hands vs. the natural rotation of the body.

As you saw in the “plane and release by feel” video (LINK), releasing the club will happen naturally and automatically…if you allow it.

In this era of holding the lag and the infamous cast, you are not allowing what the body wants to do and thus, not maximizing your club head speed.

Now we come to the point of today’s post. It’s subtle and a feel you will develop through trial and error, but the release is something you allow to happen. You allow the club to rotate around your body. If your arms are extending through impact and past the ball, it happens all by itself.

If you try to force this rotation with your hands (just like trying to force anything in the golf swing), you end up worsening the problem you are trying to fix.

Work on the “plane and release by feel” drill and you will see that you don’t need to force it with your hands.

Ball position is a big deal too. I am preparing a little manifesto on that. Basically, between new ball flight laws and the S&T demonstration, I am reverting to my ball position ideas from 15 years ago before they were corrupted.




  1. Wally

    Hello everyone here in Montyland. How do you hammer a nail? Do you hold the hammer in the middle and take short quick strokes? or do you on the other hand, hold the hammer by the end, as you should and take long rythmic strokes? Using a hammer requires the same hand eye coordination as using a golf club. Maybe learning to use one tool properly will help in using the other tool properly. A golf swing as with a hammer is back and through, and requires patience.

  2. Michael

    Saw part 1 of this posted on somewhere on golfwrx, so I watched part 2 as well. Minus him using the word “hold the angle”, which I guess would be accurate to the player that throws it from the top, the rest of the video seemed pretty good. Curious what you think, since the teacher is now part of The Golf Channel a bit more than he was back then.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Rubbish. IMO, they are showing hold the lag…and his release position is bad too. It’s the same incorrect wrist action that a cast is.

      In other words…hold the lag and cast…LOL.


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