“Phil CHEATED!!!!”

I am sure many of you have heard that Scott McCarron accused Phil Mickelson of cheating for using a Ping L-wedge from before 1990 and using a loop hole in the new “square groove rule.”

Here is my 2 cents. I know Scott from my college and Nationwide Tour days. I know Phil from my junior golf and early pro days.

Both good guys…cheating may have been too strong of a word…but I agree with both of them and it proves a point I made months ago.

The rules of golf are vague and ridiculous. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump…That’s all I have to say about that.

EDITED: Maybe I was vague and ridiculous. I didn’t mean I thought Phil cheated. I didn’t think it was right that Scott said that. The article I read said that McCarron’s point that the rule was dumb and it made it easy for people to circumvent the rules and Phil had agreed with that sentiment. Maybe I should stop reading the Orange Country register.

To be clear I like both of these guys, I think McCarron’s choice of words was poor, I have no problem with Phil using the wedge and I have a problem with the rules of golf, not either of the players.




  1. TexasGolfer

    Sorry! I just lost respect for you for agreeing with McCarron calling out another professional who is doing nothing but putting clubs in his bag that are approved for play by the USGA, especially since you say that “cheating MAY have been too strong of a word.” His concerns, disgust, anger and frustration should only have been directed at the ruling bodies, not other players. Would you “agree” if you had been the one called out by him?

  2. bobinpa

    PGA should have anticipated this. Dropped the ball big time probably not wanting to p*** off the current “active” No. 1 player. Anyway, my least favorite rule (non-rule) is having to play out of a hole in the middle of my own fairway (sand filled divot). Can’t understand that one nor the one that allows a player to hit yards off line into a grandstand (or in Tigers case, a parking lot) and get relief most times within a short pitch of the green. Condolences to Van De Velde at Carnoustie. I think he was trying to use that rule to his advantage and hoped to go into the stands where a free drop would have left him a 50 yard pitch to the green on the other side of that stream.

  3. Frank Knox

    There was no controversy in the 3 previous tournaments. players were using PE2’s. Phill wasn’t present. Phil shows up and there is controversy. There wouldn’t be any if it wasn’t for the media.

  4. Paul

    Don’t know if you saw Lefty’s interview after yesterday’s round, but he was pissed when asked about it and said he’s going to let “others” in his camp handle the controversy. Wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit if forthcoming–though slander is hard to win. I think Phil will be sending a message to McCarron and others to back the F off. Finchem is going to address this next week in L.A. I think this is all getting away from the commish–Barron, Tiger, Lefty alienated, guys going to ME to play instead of staying home, sponsors unhappy… PGA Tour is turning into Saturday Night Smackdown. Should be an interesting year!

  5. w.

    Ridiculous rules…

    Worst rule is O.B. Play it like a lateral water hazard, make a local rule for the PGA to play it the current way.

    What if some recreational golfer put it O.B., went up to find it, then came back and hit another one off the tee, in front of the fuming people who are following him. Second one is close, but also O.B. So he comes back to the tee…

    Justifiable homicide.

    But, it’s OK to park one on the roof of the clubhouse because there is no white line, white stakes there defining O.B. So, immovable obstruction.

    • Cal

      Just play a provisional ball – then you don’t hold up play too much and we don’t have to amend the rules of golf.

  6. geoff duncan

    How much advantage do you get from hitting a 20 year old club?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Good question. I have not compared the two, so it would be a guess.

  7. Big Tex

    The best quote I head on ths was someone pointed out Phil is being called out for using a club that can only be used due to a loophole by a guy that uses a long putter. Some woud argue that is the ultimate club being allowed by a loophole type ruling. Pot meet kettle.

  8. carrera

    [sarcasm] Phil sure has received a lot of support on this from his fellow professionals. [/sarcasm]

  9. Falcondriver

    If Phil is so amazing with his short game, then why does he need any advantage at all? Wasn’t the groove rule supposed to make it the same for everyone?

  10. steve lyons

    The rules of golf are written so that you can have competive play between participants WITHOUT A REFEREE present to make judgement calls. Try that in football or baseball.

    Simplifying the rules sounds great. You think there’s contoversy now with complicated/unnecessary rules now?

    Trying having a simple rule book, two players playing competitively, no referree present, and see how much controversy you have.


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