Peter Kostas just ruined half the golfers in America.

He said Tiger keeps his head down longer to hit knock down draws and pulls it sooner when he tries to hit fades.

Golfers across America are going to go to the range this afternoon, work on that and shoot 10 shots higher than their handicap the next round they play.

Peter, the head has nothing to do with working the ball. The angle of attack and rotation (or lack there of) is what controls ball flight and direction it turns. The resulting head movement is a product of the rotation the body makes.

People trying to keep their head down to draw the ball are going to do it too much, cut off their shoulder rotation and/or dive their head at the ball like Tiger is doing it.

People who try to pull their head to hit a fade are going to hit up on it and probably slice it off the golf course or shank it.

Those reading this, please tell all your friends not to try and work the ball by moving their head a certain way…PLEASE!

…and write to CBS and request Peter Kostas not doing swing analysis on Tiger anymore…or at all.



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