My thoughts on the swing changes.

First off, lots of great observations and questions yesterday. I think we all learn from discussion like that. Please continue.

I also don’t need or want a “perfect” golf swing. I am looking for a swing where I can be free to swing as hard as I want, the body will work in sync and I will be able to release it. Like I said, I will be experimenting with feels till I get to a point where it feels right and works right. Then I will just work on rhythm, balance and playing golf shots. As a side note, I tend to work better from above the plane a little bit.

1. I straightened my knees. Someone last week suggested that and I scoffed. It allowed me to get my hands a little lower and get a little farther away from the ball without giving me bad posture or making me reach for it. It gave me a bit more room to roam and make a better shoulder turn. With lower hands, there is less of a chance of sucking the arms inside…which I have had a tendency to do my whole career.

2. There is always arm lift in any golf swing. Generally the taller you are, the more there is when keeping the club on plane. Tiger has lots of arm lift in his swing. The difference between last week and this week is last week my arms went a bit inside making the shoulder turn a bit too inside. This week there was more shoulder turn lifting the arms, instead of arm lift turning the shoulders. That is how a proper shoulder turn works, but we have been told not to lift the arms and that is why so many golfers get the club too far inside. Someone said it looked forced. Whenever you make a swing change, it always looked forced initially…because you are forcing it 🙂

3. My shoulder turn was better this week and that is why the swing was a bit longer.

4. My hips were working more in sync this week than last…because the shoulder turn was better with less arm control.

5. When the shoulders turn better going back, they turn better through and create more speed. That is why it looked like I was swinging harder. There was not greater effort. In fact, there might have been less.

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Here are some great pictures that a poster put in the comments section yesterday that compare last week to this week. Last week I had on the long sleeve pullover that is the same color as my T-shirt and the same pair of shorts makes it hard to distinguish…LOL.




  1. Bob34

    I’m no expert, have no credentials other than being a student of analysing golf swings for the past 5 years. I had gotten away from it a few months ago when I started visiting here because it leads me down the technical-overthinking path. I’m an engineer by trade, I can’t help myself so I measured your spine to shoulder angle (The T) in V1 last night but didn’t have time to post the screen captures. I’ll try to post them tonight if you want me to?

    All this in the FWIW category…

    In the 4-11 swing your shoulders are perfectly perpendicular to your spine. Maybe 1 degree flat.
    In the 4-18 swing your shoulders are a few degrees steeper than your spine. You’ve kinked more than rotated and this would be more evident in a face on view.

    I very much think the 4-11 swing is a better more balanced swing. You’ve overcooked the steeper shoulder turn getting you a little more out toward your toes at the top although you obviously recover nicely your spending some energy on balance that you didn’t have to before.

    The only thing I would’ve suggested you change from 4-11 to 4-18 is the change you made with getting your hands just a little lower. Then the shoulder turn you had would’ve allowed you to synch the body better with the release. All the rest of it, I think is overdone especially since you were hitting it straight, getting great distance and good trajectory with a shorter overall swing on 4-11.

    Just my humble opinion.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Good thoughts Bob. Just doing some experimenting with feels. I have always downe better being a little steeper and above the plane than under it.

  2. Mike Z

    Your comments about knee flex are very interesting to me, and I think highlight the under-appreciated importance of correct posture. I swung very poorly last I played after a long layoff. After checking my setup and swing in a mirror after reading your “knees” comment and making a similar adjsutment (I am also pretty tall), my shoulder turn was back on a good plane and I can’t wait to get out to the range to start practicing again.

    You can practice the correct shoulder turn, stance, release, etc all you want, but unless you start with the correct posture for your body/swing you will get inconsistent results, as I have for years. Before I head back out to the range, I am literally going to “practice” my posture and setup with the help of a mirror on a regular basis until it is automatic and something I can sense with feel rather than letting it change between rounds or shots.

    Correct posture isn’t just important, it is necessary.


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