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I have written around a 100 pages that is filled with funny stories (with a few heartbreaks mixed in) from my life and golf career. It starts with how I got into golf, goes through my college years, how I became the longest hitter in the world, being a pro long driver and the ups and downs of my quest for the PGA Tour on the mini tour’s, Nationwide Tour and most especially, Q-School.

If you like these two stories, you will love this book. Even in these two stories, there are a few more details mixed in that make them more interesting.

$2000 Nassau-LINK

Albuquerque 1994-LINK

If you want to read about:

“The Day We Made Phil Mickelson Cry”

“The Shower Curtain”

“The Marriage Ultimatum”

…and many many others, you will have to buy the book. 😀

My intent was to inform a little behind the scenes perspective, some self discovery, but mostly to entertain. It is not gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous, but as you can imagine, there are some explicit situations and language, but I softened it as much as possible without ruining the essence of the story and what made it entertaining.

Everyone who has read it, golfer, non-golfer, degenerate and the clean living, all found it hard to put down and very engaging.

I have a few motives here and I am going to ask you all to help me.

1. I want to help promote my blog and website.

2. I am hoping that it finds it’s way to someone who will find it interesting enough to want a more extended version to be published in the mainstream.

3. I am going to continue to keep this blog free and I don’t think it is out of line that I want to make a few bucks off of all the great information and hard work I have put into this blog.

That being the case, I am asking all of you readers to do me a favor and spread the word. Send the link to this blog to all your golfing friends and even anyone you think might enjoy the stories…oh yea, and grab a copy yourself as well. 😀 Facebook wouldn’t hurt either. I thank you all for the positive feedback about how my ideas have helped you enjoy the game more. I will continue.

All those buying a 5 or 11 lesson packages will get a free copy and those who have already done so will find a copy in their email shortly.

It is available in file form on my website and a hard copy is available on LuLu. I have enclosed links to each below. Thanks again and enjoy.

PS-If you buy the down-loadable file on my website, after you create a login and purchase it, you will find the file under “file downloads” on the “my account” page.

eBook File Link-$9.95

Hard Copy Link on LuLu–$15.95




  1. Peter B

    Audio book from the writer itself or no buy! I want you to read it to me! LOL

  2. Boris

    Bought it, read it last night, and enjoyed it!

    A good, entertaining read, with some interesting views into the pro golf scene. What made this story especially interesting for me to read in a strange way was this: Normally you read the stories of total success — while this is the story of long striving and struggling, making mistakes and then trying again, and, even better, as you say: the end of the story is not yet told! Im reading your blog for about a year or so, and the background from the book will make it even more interesting for me to get the updates on this story here on the blog!

    Good luck! Finally I want to see you on the screen, live!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thank you Boris. I am glad you enjoyed it. I really do think I have one more shot, even at my age. I was not yet ready this year, buy I think 2011 and 2012 will be better.


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