Low and Slow

Several days ago I told all of you how “Keep you head down” was a terrible misnomer and should never be used as a tip to yourself or others.

This brings me to the phrase used second most as a tip all over the world and it is also misunderstood and overused.

I agree 100% that lifting the club with your arms and having a swing tempo that is too fast is a bad thing. However, “low and slow” makes your golf scores go “high” and it does it “fast.”

The “low” part makes you initiate your arms too much in the back swing and gets the club too far to the inside. This restricts the shoulder turn and causes that over the top slice that is the bane of many amateur golfers.

The “slow” part causes people to slow down their back swing so much, it ruins their rhythm and causes a poor transition and a downswing that is out of sync.

As long as you are turning your shoulders, the “low” part takes care of itself and as long as your swing tempo feels like a “One (back swing)…two (down swing)” the “slow” part is taken care of.




  1. PHS1

    Which players have the best swings from a technical standpoint that you have ever seen?

    I am far from being an expert, but the nicest looking swing I have ever seen is that of Tom Purtzer.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I like Purtzer’s swing. Adam Scott’s swing is really good technically. Honestly. Most great players don’t have technically good swings and that’s why they are good. Trevino, Nicklaus, Player, Palmer and Watson’s swings were all bad…if technical perfection is the measure.

      What does that tell you about it?

  2. PAT

    Topically… how about some playing in the rain stories? And tips about wet play…


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