Long irons

This series is about having trouble with one section of the bag and not the others.

If you are having trouble with long irons and nothing else…guess what? Throw them in the trash and get some hybrids and/or high lofted woods.

Almost everyone on tour has a hybrid and all of them have at least one hybrid or high lofted wood and many have multiples.

Tiger dropped his 2-iron for a 5 wood.

I was the longest hitter in the world at one time and I am trying to find a hybrid or high lofted wood I am happy with.

If you hit everything else fine except the long irons, join the club and get rid of them. You probably don’t generate enough speed to hit them and if you do, why not join the 21st century. I am a stubborn long iron lover and I am trying to get rid of them as I type this.

If you are asking yourself, “what I am going to hit the Tiger stinger with?” My response is stop reading golf magazine articles about the shots the Tour players hit…you’ll shoot lower and your friends will think you are less of a dork.

Oh yea and play faster.



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