I love it when the talent of a world class golfer makes me look stupid. I commented on Phil looking uncomfortable putting on Thursday and the rhythm of his chipping/sand game looked off. Well, the fact that he is #1 in the field in putting doesn’t change the fact that he still doesn’t look comfortable over the ball and he has world class eye hand coordination and could putt about any way and make putts for a period of time.

Just like Tiger winning doesn’t change the fact that the more he dives, the more crooked he hits it…the fact that Phil is #1 in the field in putting this week doesn’t change the fact that if you do something that is unnatural for your body and are not comfortable doing something, it is not going to hold up under extreme pressure.

Here is where it becomes debatable. What is the difference between a natural change that feels uncomfortable during the change that will make you better and an unnatural change that should be avoided? Different people can debate this until everyone is pissed and there is no resolution.

I guess it is just a philosophy difference between the “gurus” and myself. My philosophy is to understand some basic fundamentals of golf, how the body works and use what each individual player does well as a base to build from.

Whereas the gurus have their theory on what is right and adapts whomever they are teaching to that way of doing it. I have experienced Pelz and Haney, that is what they did to me and that is what they are doing to Tiger and Phil…I don’t like it and the two most talented players in the world through their talent, are masking what is a horrible way for the golfing public to get better.




  1. Gary

    I guess you haven’t heard that Phil went to Dave Stockton last week to work on his putting. It’s probably the new stuff he’s working on haven’t worked in and conflicting with some of his old pelz made bad habits 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That explains a lot. I have a lot of respect for Stockton Sr. I worked with him briefly as I was friends with Jr. That makes some sense. It’s very easy for me to see someone look uncomfortable and just blame it on Pelz if that player is working with him. 🙂

      Senior, at least what he told me, is very much about balance and having more weight on your left side, which makes it easier to hit the putt solid.


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