“Leading with the lower body”

This another terrible golf cliche that we have been fed.

Let me make this succinct and as clear as I can…it might require another t-shirt and cargo short video.:-)

If you make a proper level shoulder turn (see previous blog post for that) on the takeaway, your shoulders will automatically turn back more than hips (and you don’t need to restrict your hip turn).

Since your shoulders turn more in the back swing, when you transition to the downswing the lower body is already leading because it turned less on the way back. So you want to turn everything in sync on the way down and the lower body is automatically leading.

If you make a proper turn going back and you lead with the lower body on purpose, you are out of sync and the club will get stuck.

This is what I am talking about. Eliminate the bad movements and the right movements will happen automatically.

Creating these “cliche catch phrase moves” independent of the rest of the body is just a disaster.

“Leading with the lower body”
“Holding the lag”
“Restricting the hip turn”
“Complete the back swing”
“Hammer with the right hand”

Add whatever you want, it’s all terrible. You can’t create a golf swing with a “signature move.”

The body must move in sync.

NOW, if you want to tell me your lower body leads by moving toward the target to initiate the down swing while turning in sync with the upper body, I will buy that, but that’s not what 95% of the people mean when they say “lead with the lower body.” Those people will tell you that is a slide, but as I explained in a previous post…it’s not a slide if you turn.




  1. Carrera

    Yeah, but this video proves otherwise. I like the adirondack move:

    • Monte Scheinblum


      You know what’s sad. Some of the moves the famous guru’s have come up with are not much better and if Hank Haney or Dave Pelz were on the Golf Channel promoting these things, people would do it.

    • meateater

      The key is to get up on your toes. Don’t ever forget that.

  2. peter mies

    one other comment on the shoulder turn..it felt shorter but distance was considerably longer….

    • Monte Scheinblum

      When you make a shoulder turn instead of an arm swing, the back swing is shorter and you don’t waste speed getting the club back in front of you.

  3. peter mies

    Monte…do the shoulders rotate around the body?


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