Keeping the club/hands in front of you part 2.




  1. Calvin D

    Dang Monte,
    Just when I think you can’t get any smarter you do.:) That was just what I have been searching for and it illustrates what an unusually excellent swing analyst you are. I have followed Mike Maves and Chuck Quinton through their rise in the swing instruction biz and I think you are better than either one. Whether or not you succeed in your tour goals please keep pushing and improving this site. You have some ideas in common with Quinton but you cut to the chase and he rambles on like Seinfeld. 🙂

  2. gwlee7

    I worked with Quinton for about 5 years and as he became more and more technical searching for the perfect, “biomechanically correct” swing, he slowly robbed all of the joy of playing from me.

  3. Husker

    I was one of those who wanted to know “what to do” vs “what not to do”. You’ve succeeded with this video. Good work. I’m one of those who has been plagued throughout my golfing lifetime by lack of an adequate shoulder turn.

    Hopefully, you’ve given the key.

  4. Falcondriver

    So, if I set up properly and just focus on turning my shoulders 90* to my spine and keep my arms “frozen”, I will end up with my arms flat and behind me? I keep struggling with being across the line at the top and my arms behind me, but now I think that it might be because I don’t allow my arms to “lift” as I turn my shoulders or they are “lifting” way too late. Hmm, can’t wait to get home and work on this idea…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t like the word frozen, but the second part of your statement sounds correct.

      • Falcondriver

        Gotcha. By “frozen” I basically mean along for the ride and doing nothing else, i.e. lifting along with the shoulder turn. So, lifting my arms very early in the swing along with a proper shoulder turn should keep my arms in front of me, correct? If I get too flat and then get my arms stuck behind me, then I’m going to get across the line, yes?

  5. Colby

    Can’t wait to take this to the range. I think I’ve been too literal with “turn with the shoulders” and am getting the club stuck behind me.

  6. Bob34


    Don’t feel alone. Monte’s turn the shouders up drill has been good for me to get the arms swinging up but still controlled by the shoulders. But for me, there is another piece, I also tend to let my right hip slide laterally down the target line during the back swing. When that happens, the shoulder turn becomes more of a tilt, not good. I’m fixing that by setting up with my hips bumped towards the target a little so I feel more pressure on the inside of my right foot. I then strive to keep the pressure there during the backswing. When I do it right, I get into a great position at the top. I feel more coil without turning as much and I don’t get across the line.


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