I just had a request for post on sand play.

(The following is all about good/regular lies in the sand. Buried lies are a whole other animal.)

I did it once before, but this is a scary topic for most ams, so I will talk about it some more.

First, here is the link to the first post.

Original Sand Post

As I said in the other post, the single biggest issue in horrible sand players is their refusal to open the face enough. unlike every other shot in golf where there a multiple ways to execute it, there is only one way to get the ball out of the sand consistently and that is with a wide open face.

The picture below illustrates how open the face must be. I like the ball a little farther forward in the stance, like around the left heel for a right hander, but farther back isn’t so bad if it works for you. The important thing here is the hand position and grip.

Many people trying to open the face will take their normal grip and twist the face open. That is not an open face, that is a bad hand position. Also, the open face will look funny and they will put their hands way behind the ball. Also bad. You want your grip and hand position to be the same as it would be if the club were square in front of you. So if someone took a picture of you from the knees up, there would be no difference in what you looked like. In other words, you turn the club open in your hands.

You must aim left (for a right handed golfer). Since the face is open, the ball will tend to come out to the right and you need to aim left. You must also swing down your foot line and not out to the pin.

Now all you have to do is hit down on the ball, take plenty of sand by hitting it fat behind the ball and finish your swing. Also, don’t fall into the trap of trying to hold the face open, that is never a good idea for any shot unless you are playing for a living. Being great out of the sand is an art and takes lots of practice. However, if you follow these simple steps, you will be able to get it out of the sand and on the green every time.

It doesn’t really matter how much sand you take, as long as you take some and don’t pick the ball. If you take a little to much sand, it wil have no spin and release. If you take a little less sand, it will fly farther with more spin. End result is the shots will end up in almost the same spot. the key is having the face open.

To summarize, all of these thoughts are done before the shot is played. They are the do’s and don’ts of the setup…and what not to do during the swing. Don’t think too much. I had to go over all the missteps people have, but you don’t need to think about any of it when you actually hit the shot, as more than one thought on any shot gets you in trouble.

Your one thought…hit it fat on purpose.

PS-this is not exactly how PGA Tour and other good players do it, but it is a simple way for people who are deathly afraid of the sand to get it out.



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