I hope everyone is resting after US Open qualifying yesterday

I have been to the sectional stage of US Open qualifying 5 times and it is a war.

Not quite as bad as Q-school, but it’s 36 holes in one day, often in some really hot weather and yes, you have to walk and even carry your bag if you don’t have a caddie.

I was close a few times, but didn’t make it.  If I ever do make into the Open on one of these Manic Mondays, I would sit in a dark room, watch TV and play XBOX until the following Monday for my first practice round.

I am curious to see how any of yesterday’s qualifiers in Columbus or Memphis do this week if they play the St. Judes.  I am guessing some tired looking scores.

In case you are wondering, I didn’t make it to the Sectional stage this year after shooting a smooth 75 at the local stage.  Unlike Tiger, when I miss fairways, miss greens with wedges and putt like a duck, I don’t shoot low.

I am using lack of practice because I am taking care of my 5 month old son as an excuse…oh yea and still healing from the torn ligament in my elbow that forced me to lay off of 5 months…and let’s not forget that I was getting used to a new golf ball because the Titleist proV1x’s I was used to using were banned…I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the pace of play caused me to fade late in the day…

This leads me to a post you will see sometime soon.  Better golf through excuses and rationalizations.  It’s all the rage.



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