I had a good round on Wednesday.

Actually, a good back 9. I hit it inside 15 feet 6 times and two of those were second shots on par 5’s.

I hit all 9 fairways and all 9 approach shots landed less than 10 feet right or left of the pin. I shot 31 with some of the most horrendous green reading I can remember. I was hitting putts on the intended line, but the reading of the greens (usually a strong suit for me), was terrible.

More and more I find that the release is the key. As I allow the release to happen earlier and earlier, my rhythm gets better, my transition gets better, my body turns better and my ball flight gets more under control.

I did some experimenting on the range today hitting different shots and filmed it. I found that I could make a perfect swing, but a release that started too late created a larger dispersion in my shot pattern. By contrast, I could do all sorts of funky gyrations, but as long as I released it properly, the ball was generally in the vicinity of the target.

I find it nearly impossible to hit an unintended hook or slice when the release is early. That being the case, I feel the need to post this video again as not enough people have watched it.

(One more thing. I have distinguished the difference between intellectual confidence and emotional confidence in golf. I will post about that later.)



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  1. James

    Right on, hope we see you on the Nationwide soon!

    Releasing ‘earlier’ has really helped me tame the hook, thanks. I like to think of the release synchronized with the turn through the ball, that’s when I hit it most accurately.


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