I get another rash of emails on Tiger and what I would tell him if he came to me.

My advice to him would be…

Take off a couple of months with no golf. Come back. Hit nothing but pitches for a week.

Week two, hit nothing but pull fade 7-irons from an extreme forward ball position.

Go play every day for 7 days where every shot, including tee balls, is a 9 window shot. Rotate them.

Then play 4 consecutive weeks on the PGA tour.

He needs to level out his shoulder turn, but he needs to dump all internal cues and just get back to shot making. Week two will work on the major mechanical issue without him thinking mechanics.




  1. Matt Evans

    9 window being upper left for a high fade?

  2. Steve

    What is a 9 window shot?

    • Duncan

      I believe it to be in order to left to bottom right;

      High Fade | High Straight | High Draw
      Mid Fade | Mid Straight | Mid Draw
      Low Fade | Low Straight | Low Draw

  3. Sparty

    What would the 7-iron fades from an extreme forward ball position do?


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