I am going to throw up.

One of our regular posters (“s.”) reiterated a point I made several months ago. I posted several swings of boys under 10 years old to prove a golf swing can be natural and shouldn’t be examined so much and be so complicated. He posted the first video below of a 7 year old and I loved it. Now watch video #2 of the same boy at 10 and go to the link after you watch it and see all of the stupid brainwashed comments…I hope too much analysis doesn’t ruin the game for this kid. The swing in the first video is natural and pure. The swing in the second video is still not bad, but soon, it will be a contrived POS.

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  1. woody

    The 10-year old picture seems to be taken at a bad angle to illustrate the lines. Either that, or they taught him a Hogan closed stance….but I think it’s the filming angle.

    There’s a guru with a website (initials W.D.) who takes swings of pros apart, and draws lines on them. The lesson I take from his videos is that NONE of them follow any mantra about “plane” or any other straight line.

  2. Calvin

    We have so much fun fiddling with our swings. The pleasure is almost unbearable when we get to monkey around with somebody else’s swing. It’s a wonder that any of us play as well as we do. I think the reason Pennick was so revered is that he didn’t monkey around with people. His books are almost devoid of swing crack.

  3. Bob

    “but soon, it will be a contrived POS” Don’t sugar coat it, Monte! LOL


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