How a simple law of physics will help you release the club.

(There are two videos at the end. The second one is a feeble attempt at humor and I am sure there will be many who say it doesn’t illustrate anything…but it really does 🙂 )

There are two things you need to understand about this.

1. How the hands, wrists and forearms work in a proper release.

2. What centrifugal force is, why you need to allow it to release the club for you and what are some of the things you need to avoid doing to allow this to happen.

Centrifugal force sounds like a big, scary, technical term. It is not. It is the outward force that is created by a spinning object. If you held a bucket of water in your hands and spun around in a circle, the outward force acting on the weight of the bucket of water would pull your arms extended. That force is so strong, it would also keep the water glued to the bottom of the bucket, instead of spilling out of bucket that is now on it’s side. The harder the spinning object, the faster the attached object travels.

This works the same with the club head and the spinning object is the turn of your golf swing. If you cast the club, or actively hold the lag, you fight this force and slow the club down. I have said these things before, but it bears repeating.

After you watch this video, watch Monday’s and Tuesday’s again and ask yourself the question I posted at the top of the post on Monday. If I knew nothing about golf, would these concepts make common sense?




  1. steve lyons

    Great stuff. An absolute must to understand.

  2. bobbyp

    Point very well made! <– your second video

  3. ole

    Your second vid is very funny., but when I whatch it slomo I can see, that not lag is the cause. You stop at the bottom and your hands are fully uncocked. Thats not lagging the bucket.
    Its quite clear, that stopping is causing the splash at your shirt. When you don`t stop there is no splash like in the other vid.
    Btw the handle of the bucket moves very loose and the comparing with a golf club isn`t very serious.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It wasn’t meant to work exactly ep. 🙂
      Actually, I knew you would be the one to say this.

  4. radioman


    Maybe you can market that bucket, along
    with a DVD, as a training aid.
    Only 3 easy payments of $39.99 plus
    S&H. As a bonus, you can include
    a pair of waterproof cargo shorts.


      • Peter Balogh

        Yeah bucket and a pair of cargoshorts LOL

  5. mygolfer

    Im really impressed that people like you are starting to come and say that trying to lag the club won’t do you much good at all….. I always tell these people that to create that lagging impression on the slow mo that all the pros demonstrate on tour, you just have to use your lower body and transfer weight properly. Don’t even try to lag the club with your hands cause it will just cause you pain and or inconsistencies.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Exactly right. We are in the minority right now, but hopefully gaining ground.

  6. Damon

    I understand the concept of not trying to add lag. A main fault of mine is that I try to hit the ball hard, so my muscles tense up and it causes timing/consistency issues. So, I try to not do this, and I hit the ball a little better, but swing speed decreases.

    My question is, what muscles do you use to hit the ball hard? You can’t simply rely on turning of shoulders/hips to generate significant clubhead speed, can you. At some point you need to add something to the swing, correct? If so, how do you add something but do not tense up or inadvertently try to add lag?

    For reference, my driver ss is about 105, and maybe 95 or so when I don’t try to hit it hard.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Damon, without seeing your swing, I can only speak in generalities. Most of the time the body tenses in order to get the club back in a good position to hit the ball when the club is out of position. If you find out what is the main issue getting the club out of position, fix that, you will be able to increase speed without tensing. Hope that helps.

      • Damon

        Thanks Monte for the quick response (and for the blog – it is great).

        I will try to send you a vid of my swing for analysis – where is the best place to do so?


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