Exit high, exit low.

It isn’t something you can force, but it tells you what is going on. Kind of a diagnostic tool. The video is mostly self explanatory and I invite all readers to add any of the issues I may have missed.

The point of this video is that watching how your club exits can eliminate a lot of issues when trying to figure out what is wrong with your swing.





  1. Peter Balogh

    Ahh yeah I have a friend who dows that! LOL

  2. bobinpa

    Monte, you’ve hit a sore spot for me – literally. I’ve had left shoulder/upper arm pain for quite some time so I’ve ingrained a habit of routing the club either around or up on the follow through in order to prevent it. I thought the pain was from an incorrect move not the correct one. I took some practice swings today with this move (painfully). Now that I know that this is the correct exit I can focus my therapy and strength exercises. Either that or load up on Aleve before the round and fight through it! Thanks.

  3. Peter Balogh

    bopinpa, you should not do anything in your swing that produces pain, be careful better show Monte your move and consult your doc!

    • bobinpa

      Intend to sign up, Monte. I just got a mini-cam and I’m trying to figure out how to format the output into a viewable video (its a pocket cam). Doctor said it was ‘frozen shoulder’ and advised seeing a physical therapist. I’ve just been holding off on that to see if I can rid this on my own. If you say my move is correct (the painful one) I will sign up for PT and show them the move that produces the pain. Thanks.


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