Etiquette is lacking in today’s game. Whether it is not repairing the golf course, playing too slow and ruining things for the players with you and behind you, or moving and making noise while others are playing.

The last 15 years we have been so inundated with perfect mechanics, swing thoughts and routines, it leaves no room for how to fix a ball mark on the green, how to play ready golf and giving others the same courtesies you expect.

I fix 3-10 ball marks on every green I play and I let faster groups behind me play through. I will continue to do it, but I am sick of others not reciprocating.

So if you are on a Southern California golf course, you haven’t been fixing your ball marks or divots, you have open holes in front of you, you are on a short par 4, a ball lands on the green while you are putting and the group behind you is on the tee…don’t say anything and just let them play through, because it is probably me, I am pissed and just waiting for someone to provoke me. 😉



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