This is the guy you should be listening to about putting. Jr. and I were friends for a while and lost touch after he got married, but my greatest putting success was after a 15 minute lesson from his dad.

I was stupid and abandoned that for the Dave Pelz shtick and was never a good putter again until about 6 months ago when I started to come out of my funk.




  1. Michael

    What in your opinion makes him better than a Stan Utley or Mike Shannon?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not familiar with Shannon. I like Stan too. Between Stan and Sr., it’s just personal preference.

  2. S.

    I like the Monte Method (12/2).

    Almost everything else seems oriented toward the path. The Monte Method is a better mindset for speed.

    Maybe it was Furyk who said that even most amateurs won’t miss by 4 feet side-to-side. But they might leave it 4 feet short.

  3. Steve Bishop

    Seen any of Jeff Magnum’s stuff?

      • Steve Bishop

        It’s actually Geoff Mangum. My bad.

        I bought his video with him and Steve Elkington. Some good information in there but other parts where you’re just wondering WTF he’s saying.


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