Cleveland CG4 and HiBore driver review

This was the first request for an equipment review, so I went and hit some.

I was a Cleveland staff member back in the day where they made us play those gardening tools, also known as VAS. One of my greatest achievements was a top 10 finish on the Nationwide Tour using VAS irons and a VAS driver.

Anyway, compared to the VAS, the CG4’s are pure looking. Compared to a forged blade, they look like something better used to beat slow players. The offset actually isn’t too bad, but the top line is way too thick for my taste. The ball also comes off kind of soft, which is good for a lower handicap or pro, but someone like that doesn’t want something kind of ugly.

All kidding aside, if you don’t mind the thick top line and you don’t like the hard click you get off most irons, you will like the the CG4’s.

As for the HiBore driver, this is going to be a good driver for high handicappers. The sweet spot seemed huge to me. I couldn’t tell how far the ball went, as any demo club won’t be stiff enough for me and I hit high balloon balls with it.

As far as the prov1x is concerned, unless you are a very high ball hitter, or a very long ball hitter who spins it too much with driver (hey that describes me), then stick with the regular prov1, IMO.

PS-requests for equipment reviews will stay up on that page until I do the review, then it will be deleted.



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