Bump and run and “wood/hybrid” chips

When hitting bump and run shots and especially hitting little chips around the greens with woods and hybrids…just like Tiger :-), way too many golfers butcher the execution.

The mistake I see made is people grip the club and setup like they are hitting a full shot. Folks, when you are hitting a bump and run around the green with a fairway wood, you don’t setup to it the same way as if you were 220+ yards out.

If you are going to copy what Tiger does at least watch how he does it.

OK, enough making fun of my readers. I am not laughing at you…OK, I am laughing at you.

The way hit you a bump and run around the green with a 7 iron, 9 iron, hybrid, 3-wood or any other club, it is essentially the same.

You get a very narrow stance, heels of your feet touching or only a few inches apart. Your stance also needs to be very open. You need to lean much of your weight to your left foot (right foot for a left handed golfer). About 60% of your weight so you are leaning forward quite a bit, but not so much that you are not in balance. This helps you hit down on it without getting your hands involved.

You want the ball about as close to you as it is with a putter. You may have to choke down quite a bit to get in this position…especially if you are trying it with a hybrid or wood. The picture below shows what I am talking about. You will also see that his hands are in front of the ball and his left arm and the club shaft form a straight line.

The forward lean, width of stance and ball position in the picture is about what I like to see. I like to get even closer to the ball than the golfer in the picture. That forces you to get your hands a little farther away from you…and this is a key point…

If you get your hands farther away from you and get the heel of the club off the ground, that helps you avoid hitting this shot fat as there is less club touching the ground.

One more thing you can try. Some people find they have better touch on this shot if they grip it like a putter…which makes perfect sense because you want a putting stroke type motion to hit this shot.

The setup is the hardest part. Once you have learned to setup properly, you can forget all thoughts of it. Then focus on one thought that helps you hit the ball solid and the right distance.




  1. Mono

    not sure where the best place to add this is (or ask for this,) so i’ll just go with under the latest blog, you’ve gone through quite a bit of stuff that makes a ton of sense and makes swing thoughts much simplier, you covered the ‘release’ a couple weeks back, great post as was level shoulder turn, i think a great post would be to cover the rest of the release, what happens after impact, has been a huge source of frustration for me and i’m sure tons of mid to high handicappers, in most golf swing articles it’s an after thought, thanks for all the hard work on the blog!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      No problem, I will make a post about that next week. The weekends are slow, so I usually just rant about what is going on at the PGA event or tell a story on the weekends.


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