Bending over enough at the waist.

I talked about this last week and worked on it myself yesterday.

If you get the sense you are looking straight down at the ball, but your butt feels like it is sticking out and you are still in balance…you are probably at least close to where you need to be.

It really allows your arms to hang straight down and turn freely with the shoulders without getting too far inside.




  1. Colby

    Is this true for drivers and woods as well? Should the arms always be straight at address?

    So should the bend at the waist and straight arms dictate your setup distance from the ball or vice versa?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You will obviously be farther away with longer clubs, but you still don’t want to be reaching. You want your arms hanging down out of your shoulders for being relaxed and an efficient turn.

  2. Keith Z.


    I took this tip to the range yesterday and felt comfortable enough to work with it on the course today. All that I can say, is thank you. My shots are high and long again. Over the last 5+ years, I have been working on getting more “flat”. It was not the best of moves for me, but it took too long for me to realize it. Shot an easy 77 today and couldn’t be happier, keep up the great work.


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