Ban the drivers with the big heads

It makes it easier for everyone to hit driver on the clubface, but it makes it harder for everyone to hit iron shots as they are not as big.  Since everyone hits mostly drivers on the the range, it sets up a bad habit of not having to hit the ball in the middle of the club.  It would be like practicing free throws into a basket that is twice the size…then trying to hit a jumpshot into a normal size basket…airball!

Also the bigger head makes you want to hit up on it to help it in the air…as you all know by now, I am also against that.



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  1. Zoro

    seems like they should have enforced much stricter limits on equipment years or decades ago. better equipment means everyone hits the ball farther and then they lengthen the courses to make up for it, thus eventually everyone is back where they started. I know the improvement do more than just increase distance, but these flying saucer drivers are ridiculous, as are the irons that look like an historic polynesian war weapon.

    I am not saying they need to stick with the “wood baseball bat” (persimmon drivers) — some improvements would seem fine but i think it’s been out of control for a while.


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