Ball position

I get lots of emails on ball position and I am going to make it as simple as possible. In this era of swing inside/out and hold the lag, everyone is stuck and often ends up with a ball position to far back in the stance.

It’s a Friday post and most of you will party too hard this weekend and kill most of the brain cells that host my ideas, so again, short and simple.

I like the idea of LW in the middle of the stance, driver around the instep or heel of the front foot and everything else in between.

This assumes the alignment and width of stance are decent.

Feel free to ask any questions that may pertain to something different for you personally…as opinions on this subject will vary.




  1. James

    Monte, why does getting stuck lead to getting the ball too far back in the stance?

    I’ll save at least a couple hundred brain cells this weekend to remember your answer.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      If you are stuck, it is easier to get to the ball the farther back in your stance you put it. Basically, when people are stuck, moving the ball back in the stance is a huge band aid.

      The farther forward the ball is, the more you have to turn and release to get to the ball. The farther back the ball is in your stance, the more you can come from too far inside, or underneath and still have a path to hit it.

  2. Will

    What are your thoughts on the approach that says that you address the ball with your hands in the same place relative to your left thigh for every club, and from there you allow the design of the club determine ball placement (“always set up with your hands here, and wherever the clubhead is, that’s where the ball goes”) ?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      There is no one right way to do anything in golf (with the exception of hitting a basic sand shot). The way you describe works for a lot of people and I think that’s fine. I was just offering my opinion of what I thought was good ball position.

  3. walter


    The best ball position is different for different golfers, when you go to the range, take notes, I do and when I refer to my note pad when I play I play better ( go figure). When I had a bad day playing, the first thing my wife says is “did you use your notes?” duh…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Great post. Again, i was only giving my opinion and everyone is different.


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