As promised, a drill for all seasons.

I said last week I would post a drill on helping avoid the issue tagged hip thrust, losing tush line, or the very vulgar and humorous, “humping the goat.”

Whatever you call it, it doesn’t help your golf game. I have had this issue as well. It is created/caused by many different things, but trying too hard to swing inside/out and/or trying too hard to hold the lag are two.

Did you like my copious use of slashes in that last sentence? Just like modern golf instruction has turned many of us into slashes on the course. Will the double entendres on this blog ever cease? I think not.

Anyway, this drill can also help you with weight shift, slow/out of sync hip turn and a few other issues. As an aside, if you do this drill and keep your upper body behind the ball, you will be amazed at how much speed you will create and how easy it is to release the club…or shall I say, how easily the club releases all by itself.

The important part…don’t change where your eyes are looking to see the dowel rod or other object. The point is to make your regular swing and have a visual guide to help you.





  1. Paul

    Monte–thanks for this idea. It’s exactly what my pro and I are working on. Getting to that point–left and up–is where he wants me to release the club and accelerate to. In our recent lesson, he kept reminding me that the arms never outrace the body to the finish; just rotate, rotate, rotate. At the end of the lesson and later on the course, I was able to do it reasonably well.

    Why is this such a hard concept to put into practice?

    It’s such a simple thing and I thought I was doing it all along. What I was doing was releasing the club early, casting, stalling the rotation, caused by tension in the upper arms, etc. For me, the difference is letting it happen or trying to make the swing happen. I have been a disciple of position golf all my golfing life. I’m done with all that, I’m done trying.

    Shot an 88 from the black tees, 7,000-yard home course. Could have been an 83. Thanks for all your help and for helping rid me of technical swing thoughts and clutter.

  2. Michael

    Great drill, much more effective for me than the rear against the chair drill. I can actually feel the intended move!

  3. Bob34

    Oh boy, my goat is PO’d at me now! ­čÖü My golf swing is much better though ­čÖé

  4. Bob

    This is very good information. I would encourage folks to put this move into their game, and see what happens. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about hip movement. Thanks for clearing it up!


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