An example of the epitome of lack of etiquette personified.

My triple redundancy notwithstanding, I just experienced exactly what I wrote about earlier.

I was practicing my putting on a large putting green at a local course. There was a young boy in the 9-11 range and he was being schooled in the fine art of “square to square” putting by his dad and it was obvious this is a young star in the making…no sarcasm intended.

However, the young lad had no concept that there were other people putting on the green and it all came to fruition right in front of me.

His father told him to putt 9 holes, all medium to long putts and try and shoot 18 or better. One of the holes happened to be one in the corner I was practicing at. I was hitting 10 footers from one side of the hole that was very straight as I was working on alignment. A ball appeared directly in my line hit from about 30 feet away. The boy walked up without saying a word, took a practice stroke and rolled the putt in, took the ball out and put the ball down right in my line, stood behind it, then addressed it, took a practice stroke and putted to another hole basically doing the same to another that he had done to me.

I was so appalled that this kid had no idea he was doing anything wrong…and it is not his fault.



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