A video of the three types of release.

I had a lot of people request clarification and a more visual explanation of my post about the three types of releases. I filmed a quick video and posted it on youtube. A few things about the video. When I am showing the proper release, keep in mind how much more of the angle will be retained when I or you make a full swing at full speed. I have also exaggerated the actions and positions to more clearly illustrate the differences in each of the three releases. I apologize for the poor sound quality as I had a bit of a sore throat today and I didn’t realize I was speaking so softly. You might need to turn up the volume quite high to hear me.




  1. tom braun

    really good video and explanation. i hit a chuck shot with 3 wood yesterday where my tee mark ended up at the very toe of the club, with the tee mark line moving away from the heel, and of the toe. My solution. Simple. Start down swing by turning right hip toward target.

  2. Smitty

    Could you also do a down the line shot?


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