A video everyone needs to watch and understand.

This is the best video I have seen so far demonstrating new ball flight laws…and it pretty much kills the idea that my concept of release will create a hook. If you do an early gradual release on plane and your lower body is too slow…you will hit a pull.

The late release/hold the lag is the one that creates a hook because you get stuck underneath, the club comes from too far inside and the club either comes in open and the ball goes way right, or the pivot stalls, the club flips and it’s a snap hook.

I know I talk about feel and not manipulating the club, but this is more about dispelling misconceptions than actually implementing something.

The big ones are the push slice and pull hook. People try to fix both of these by swinging more inside/out and as you can see…THAT IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!




  1. banchiline

    “If you do an early gradual release on plane and your lower body is too slow…you will hit a pull.”…………my name is all over that one.
    It is way much better than it once was. Those nasty pulls have gone from 6 per round down to about 2 on average.
    My thoughts are to get off of my back foot while keeping the upper “back”. Annika’s “head follow” helped. I also have my right hand (lefty) a little more in the palm than fingers & now I can really think about a full blast release………… & what may want to pull a little tends to cut.
    Very playable. Misses much narrower.

  2. bob

    Does ball position affect this theory, Monte? Also, is there an easy way to determine the proper ball position for my swing? Is it always around the left armpit?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not directly. A different ball position will affect the club face and how it comes in, but not the theory.

      I like different ball positions for each club. Driver on the left instep, LW in the middle and everything else in between.

    • Steve Bishop

      Bob, the further back in your stance the ball is the more inside out your path will likely be and open the face will be.

      The further up in your stance the ball is the more outside to in your path will be and closed your face will be.

      A common occurrence is for someone to hold off their release when the ball is forward in their stance. They are trying to compensate for their path going left by holding the face open and square to the target. Since the path is outside-in relative to the target at this point, this produces a slice.

      Believe it or not we can use this to our advantage.

      I have started to aim myself well to the right of the target with my driver and intentionally put the ball way up in my stance and high. This makes me hit up on the ball producing a higher trajectory, but at the same time my clubface is de-lofting since it’s closing down. The result is a high trajectory/low spin drive that goes an extra 15-20 yards.

      It does take getting used to though.

  3. Wally

    this video has toooooo much information.Stand in a doorway have someone measure the ditance between each shoulder and the doorway, now put the outside of each foot at the postion of the outside of each foot. this is your shoulder width stance. Go to the driving hit at 250 balls a day for three weeks, take notes read the notes, adjust ball position until you get the desired result. The answer is in the dirt, meaning you have to dig it out for yourself. If after three week your hands are as smooth as a babys’butt you haven’t been working. And for those who have to work for a living, don’t listen to any of this stuff, go play some golf and have fun, work is miserable enough, don’t punish yourself

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Wally…remember the mantra of the blog. Only pick out what you like and makes sense to you. There is a lot of confusion over ball flight laws and what causes the ball to do what.

      I agree, I see what my shots are doing and adjust till they do what I want. Too many people using new technologies and old stupid ideas, don’t even understand what they mean.

      This video is for them.

    • Michael

      Why would I want to hit 750 balls a week and have no idea what makes the ball do what I’m looking for it to do? How can you fix the problem if you don’t know what is causing the problem?

      Think of that 10 minute video like medical school. Congrats, you passed med school. Now you can diagnose an ailment properly, and at least have a half-assed idea of where to begin looking for treatments (face issue or path issue)

  4. Wally

    I hit 250 balls at least once a week. Start with the wedges 50, 75 100 yds at least 120 balls then seven through four iron 110yds to 165 yds 75 to 100 balls then 5wood 35 balls 3wood 25balls then driver 20 balls at 66 years old I am happy to hit the driver 210 most of the time in the middle. I enjoy playing with much longer hitters because inside the 150yd marker it’s “GAME ON”. you have a great web site Monty
    I walk 3 miles every morning, spend one hour at the gym three times a week(it is 1 1/2 mile so I can squeeze my walk in). I am retired so I can do all this stuff.
    Keep it up Monty

  5. Steve Bishop

    Ball starts mostly in the direction of the clubface and curves AWAY from the path. Simple.

    • Bob34

      That’s a great way of saying it Steve! Another thing that seems simple to me but I haven’t seen anyone else mention it so I could be wrong is to look at the divot. Everyone knows that it shows path but it’s also a good indication of clubface angle. A wide divot would indicate a square to open face and a thin divot would indicate a closed face. You can also tell about the lie angle depending on where the deepest part of the divot is… right?

      • Bob34

        BTW: With the old ball flight rules, I could never figure out why my duck hook had a divot that was in to out thin & toe deep. Now it makes perfect sense…


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