A great amateur golf swing

He could slow his transition/rhythm down a bit, but I love this golf swing.

BTW-the comments all over youtube on people and their golf swings are hilarious. I thought the terrible cliches flew fast and furious on all of the driving ranges I have been to. I guess anonymity makes ignorance even worse. 🙂




  1. Justin Wheeler

    First thing I noticed was how the hands continued up after the shoulders stopped turning. He gets loose up top.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I agree, I didn’t say he was perfect, I liked this video because it is more “technically perfect” than any of the PGA Tour players I am going to be looking at…which shows having a perfect swing is not what leads to good golf.

      • Banner 12

        To make your point Monte, here is a guy who shot 84 with this swing.

    • Carrera

      First thing I noticed was that Kip has filled out a bit. Second was the club run-on that you mentioned. But still good move…I wonder if he gets the club shut at impact…his first move down he really bows the wrist.


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