You must have the perfect swing to be good at golf

Robert Garrigus is over the top so he hits it short and stinks.

Sang-Moon Bae has lateral head movement off the ball and doesn’t keep a centered pivot. Doubtful he can break 80.

Luke Donald will never amount to anything until he creates more lag, holds it longer, and doesn’t have a crossover release.

…and Jim Furyk is an inch off plane at P3.




  1. Jason

    LOL. I should print this, laminate it and stick it to my Golf bag so everyone can read it. People wont even realise the fun it’s making of themselves LOL.

  2. Ron

    Yeah, it’s unbelievable how the pros can get by with their many swing faults.

    The one thing I have in common with them is that different people have mentioned different swing faults of my swing. LOL

  3. meateater

    Monte, I wish you would break down Garrigus’ swing on video, like you did dustin’s last year. How is he able to hit it so far?

  4. Calvin

    Wait. My perfect swing is bad?

  5. MikeR

    Sang Moon Bae seems to really go at the ball with his shoulder turn after a very definite end to his backswing. It looks very powerful.

  6. Mike Divot

    Monte, question for you.

    It seems a lot of the pros have “swing coaches”, and it seems many of the coaches have that “perfect swing” mentality.

    Then there are guys with their “mind coaches” (Bob Rotella and so on).

    How many of the pros have “golf coaches” who teach them how to get around the golf course effectively?

    I recall reading David Graham and other pros saying they can take X shots off any amateur’s round, just by telling them what club to hit, where to hit it, and so on.

    Jack Nicklaus’s books/videos have lots of stuff about managing a round of golf. When to go for it, when to cut your losses. How to maximize your strengths and minimize your weak points. When to retire the driver for the day. And so on.

    Can the pros benefit from the same kind of stuff? Do any of them have “golf coaches” who help them improve at getting around the course in fewer strokes?

    • Robert Johansson

      Even pro golfers believe that the swing golf is what makes then go low and be consistent. Golf is a game where you cant make mistakes.
      If you do 3 boogies in one round, you need to make up with 3 birdies, and then some to be in contention.
      Consistency then is key to make sure the golfer plays the course and do proper external target golf. I eliminated for a +2 player his unneeded mistakes and he lowered his score with 4 shots a round.

      People as golfers has their perception in what works and often what they perceive and what is going on differs and it dosnt help when they turn too swing coaches alone to get better. You must eliminate the mistakes, either it is swing flaws or mental breakdowns or simple brain freezes or course management and play the golf within its set conditions. That btw isn’t so fun many might believe due to the set guidelines for the course and competition.

      • Mike Divot

        I agree with the mentality of reducing mistakes.

        But: how many pros have a “golf” coach?

  7. The Original Brian


    A flat shoulder turn in the back swing will result in a turn too vertical in the downswing (or for a better player a drop inside) where one will get stuck and hit weak shots to the right, correct? I was on the course for the first time this season on the weekend and I was hitting 10 yard blocks and I think this is the reason but I wanted to confirm that I’m on the right track.

    I’ve got the move down on the range, but we know old habits die hard especially when money is on the line.

    Thanks for the help as always.

  8. Ant Lockyer

    Like I said in my video thread on WRX, the OTT on that day and the slight fade would still get me round the course. Accepting that makes a big difference to on course attitude.


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