Quick fix tips vs. Long term solutions

Do you want to have some small success tomorrow and be worse 6 months from now…or be worse tomorrow and better 6 months from now?

This is obviously a rhetorical question in theory, but in practice almost all golfers choose option 1.

Most QFT’s are band aids that don’t fix the underlying problem but mask it for a day or two.

Golfers want immediate results and often fixing the underlying problem provides immediate failure, but leads to long term results.

QFT’s often lead to immediate success followed by even greater failure as they usually add problems rather than solve them. That is why I classify them as a dreaded cliche.

Ask yourself a question right now.

Do you want to get better at golf, or are you happy with your game right now?

If you want to get better at golf, abandon the quick fix tips, find the underlying issue that is preventing you from getting better and try to fix it.

If you are happy with your game, avoid quick fix tips and just enjoy your current level.

In other words, quick fix tips are to be avoided by all.



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  1. Golf Expert

    This really applies to everything you do. Quick fixes will never help you out in the long run. Taking the time and dedication required to fix a current problem is the only way that you will better yourself as a golfer and more importantly a person.


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