Nervous or too many swing thoughts???

Having trouble with 2 footers or the first tee when everyone is watching? Is your 37 step swing checklist ruining you?

No problem.

Count backwards from 100 in your head by 3’s. At some point, pull the trigger. Have no preconceived number. Just do it at some point.




  1. BernardP

    Filling the mind with a harmless distraction that requires concentration? Interesting idea.

    Where does this idea come from? I have seen this before in another application but can’t remember where.

    At what point in the pre-shot routine does the count start?

    I am playing tomorrow and will try it.

  2. Robert Johansson

    Not a good advice, sry Monte.
    that is mentalcrack.
    if you cant handle the situation, rubbing it up in bandage just cover the issue.
    Not solution or solvent.


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