Find your ball position with each club

Make a station of tees one inch apart for 6-8″ representing ball positions from the middle of the stance to very forward in the stance.

Then grab a club and with the same stance hit 4 or5 balls from each station and work your way from forward to back and back forward again.

Be aware of ease of effort and ball flight and the station that performs the best is probably a winner.

Go through the whole bag this way.

This can be viewed as a bit of a bandaid if you have serious swing issues, but it can be very effective in finding your ideal ball position for each club.




  1. Nollie Swynnerton

    Off subject question…when Tiger Woods “dives” during his swing, it seems to me that he would be decreasing the radius of his swing. His head moves a considerable distance down towards the ball. How does he keep from hitting behind the ball?

    • Brian

      He squats back up before impact.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Actually he pulls off of it. More away from the ball than up.

      • Nollie Swynnerton

        So, Monte, I take it you’re saying that his head has moved down and away from the ball at impact relative to its position at address. I bet you don’t recommend all this head motion. Yours looks pretty steady judging from the videos of your swings.

    • woody

      If people can stand the long-windedness, and are “into” 2-dimensional video, they can find a Tiger analysis on

      Yes, Wayne gives lessons, but I don’t consider him competition to Monte.

      His videos can be used for entertainment, and maybe as a type of methadone for swingcrack addicts. And, he’s good at showing TV gurus like Brandel and Johnny M. doing the very things they criticize. And, showing Tiger and Hogan side-by-side…”diving.”

      “Diving” in two dimensions is not really diving in the real world. Wayne analyzes using views from DTL behind, or face-on, neither of which are much good at showing rotation.

  2. Brian

    With this method are you expecting a linear progression toward the left foot as the club gets longer?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Possibly, but the goal is to have no preconceptions and just do what works.

  3. Doug Benner

    I have recently narrowed my stance about 20% because I feel that a narrower stance allows for easier lower body turn on the downswing – I have some mobility issues since back surgery two years ago. I find that with the narrower stance the ball position remains rather constant – off the inside of the left heel for all of my clubs.

  4. Calvin

    Well, would you look at Phil.

  5. woody

    Monte, this doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but you might be interested (if you read this) in getting confirmation about your statements about swinging a weighted club.

    It’s here.

    It’s about an ESPN show doing an experiment with a Tour player. After swinging a heavy club, the golfer lost clubhead speed, and nearly 30 yards in carry because he couldn’t hit the ball on the center of the golf club. He impaired his feel and ability to swing a regular golf club.

    Swinging a heavier club teaches a person how to swing a heavier club, not swing a regular golf club. The body has to compensate and use different muscle to swing the heavier club, which does not translate back to swinging a normally weighted golf club.

  6. Jason

    Only if he manipulates it.


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