Changing your approach temporarily, can help you out of a rut.

What this means is changing something small in order to get you out of a feel rut when you are struggling. All of the following can be done for a round or two and then go back to your norm. The change in feel can help you if parts or all of your game are a little stale or if it is just terrible for no apparent reason.

Remember, only for a round or two, unless the change is a consistent improvement.

1. Change your putter. One that is balanced and feels completely different than the one you use now. Don’t buy a new one, just borrow one if you don’t have another…but I am sure most of you own at least 5 putters. 🙂

2. Change the club you hit different chips with. Instead of an L wedge out of the sand, use a sand wedge. Instead of hitting a bump and run with a 7 iron, use an 8 or 6.

3. Tee off with three wood or a hyrbid and leave the driver in the bag.

4. Change the side of the tee box you normally play from.

5. If you work the ball often, reverse the shot you would normally hit. In other words, if you think you want to hit a draw, hit a fade instead and vice versa…and do it on every shot.

6. Change your style. If you are aggressive, play very conservatively. Lay up on par 5’s, tee off to the fat part of the fairway, play for the middle of the green, lag all of your putts outside 10 feet and when in trouble, chip out.

If your are conservative, go for it, even to the point of being stupid. Ram those short putts. Go for the green when you think there is very little chance of pulling it off.


I am sure you all can increase this list to 20 or 30 more ideas, but you get the gist. Here is what the insanity I have listed above accomplishes. Most of you have seen Tin Cup. This is like the scene at the US Open when McCavoy has the shanks on the range. Romeo tells him to turn his visor around, empty his pocket and put the stuff in the other pocket and put a tee behind his ear.

We all think too much and it screws our game up. Every once in a while we need a break for a few rounds and mixing things up and taking ourselves out of our comfort zones can help clear our minds.




  1. banchiline

    Great post Monte . All of the things you mention have a sneaky way of bringing fun back into a round of golf .

    Something else if I may mention is playing a different course . I along with other members at our club will go play a different course at least once or twice a month to “get out of the home course rut .”

    I have another habit & I have been doing this for several years . I will frequently play at least 9 holes with just four clubs (plus putter) . Often times 18 holes .
    This is great for having to “play”. Hitting shots . Some of the most fun I have had playing has been right by myself during these episodes .

  2. SnowDale

    I only own 4 putters. 😉

  3. carrera

    I sometimes focus on different accumulators and pressure points for fun. 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      LOL. I a sure there are thousands, or more likely 10’s of thousands of golfers who do just that.


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